2017 Eastern PA One-Day Wine Conference

There's so much to learn about wine.  Come discover with us.

Saturday, March 11 at Courtyard Marriott in Lansdale, PA.  Full details and conference flyer here.

Eric Feldhake Appointed General Counsel

Welcome to Eric, the newly appointed General Counsel for the AWSEF.  Read about Eric here...

Greens Award of Merit Winners

Thank you to Patricia and Terry Green for your tremendous support of the AWSEF.  More about Patricia and Terry...

Szaro Winner of 2016 Fruit Wine Award

Congratulations to Robert Szaro for his award-winning raspberry wine!  Read more here...




Now accepting applications for 2017

Interested students please go to the application page to get started.


Purpose and Scholarship Services of AWSEF


The American Wine Society Educational Foundation (AWSEF) is designed to aid men and women entering the wine industry by providing supplementary financial resources. It is the AWSEF's premise that there is an acute need for the professional development of qualified scientists and educators to ensure the growth of the American wine industry. Because of this, we urgently need trained professionals to undertake studies in enology, viticulture and health aspects of food and wine.

In accordance with the above, the AWSEF annually awards academic scholarships to support full-time graduate students pursuing degrees in enology, viticulture, or health aspects of wine. Applicants must be North American citizens or permanent residents (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, and West Indies Islands) and enrolled in a college or university program leading to an MS or PhD degree.  Applications must be fully completed and submitted by March 31 of each calendar year to be eligible for a scholarship award beginning in the fall term of the following academic year.  Scholarship materials may be found on this site at the Application page.


The AWSEF's mission is to support educational and research activities that will advance the viticultural and enological sciences to achieve a world-class North American wine industry. Specifically, the AWSEF plans to achieve its mission by providing academic scholarships and research grants to graduate students based on academic excellence and genuine interest in pursuing careers in wine-related fields.


The AWSEF was born in 1994 from the American Wine Society (AWS). AWSEF is related to but operates separately from the AWS. For complete information on the AWS, please visit their web site at: www.AmericanWineSociety.org