2019 Large-Format Bottle Raffle

Banfi again donated a large-format bottle of wine for our fundraising raffle - SummuS 2006 - their Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah blend.  Thanks to all who bought tickets in this raffle, and especially thanks to Banfi!

2019 Annual Silent Auction

The Silent Auction was again a major fundraiser for the Foundation.  Please consider making a donation to the AWSEF Silent Auction in future years.  We rely on proceeds from the annual Silent Auction to continue to fund scholarships.  The 2019 version of the donation form is still available, in both Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word formats.  You may ship your donation, or bring it to the conference (all info is on the donation form.)  Thank you in advance!


Did you know...

Since its inception, the AWSEF has awarded 140 scholarships worth a total of $414,000 to Masters and Ph.D. students from 21 different universities across North America.  Our mission is to support educational and research activities that will advance the viticulture and enological sciences supporting a world-class North American wine industry. 

We are very pleased to announce... 

AWSEF 2019 Scholarship Winners



Jaclyn Fiola, PhD Candidate at Virginia Tech University

AWSEF Endowment Scholarship


Suzanne Fleishman, PhD Candidate at Pennsylvania State University

South Eastern PA Region Scholarship In Memory of Eileen Tobias


Alex Fredrickson, PhD Candidate at the University of Missouri

South Carolina (Tuller) Scholarship In Memory of Hal Kohn


Andrew Harner, PhD Candidate at Pennsylvania State University

Columbus, OH Chapter Scholarship

    In Appreciation of the Strength & Vitality of the Columbus Chapter


Sarah Mayfield, PhD Candidate at the University of Arkansas

Banfi Scholarship


Conor McCaney, Masters Candidate at Pennsylvania State University

Dayton/Springfield, OH Chapters Scholarship In Memory of David Pedrick


Joshua VanderWeide, PhD Candidate at Michigan State University

Susan Luckan Scholarship

In Honor of Lois & David Edwards, AWS Members from Cooperstown, NY


Rachael White, Masters Candidate at the University of Georgia

Grand Cru, SC Chapter Scholarship In Honor of Hal Kohn


Congratulations from the AWSEF and best wishes for continued success

in your studies!


Purpose and Scholarship Services of AWSEF


The American Wine Society Educational Foundation (AWSEF) is designed to aid students entering wine-related industries by providing supplementary financial resources. It is the AWSEF's premise that there is an acute need for the professional development of qualified scientists and educators to ensure the growth of the American wine industry. Because of this, we urgently need trained professionals to undertake studies in enology, viticulture, health aspects of food and wine, and the economics of wine, wineries and vineyards.

In accordance with the above, the AWSEF annually awards academic scholarships to support full-time graduate students pursuing degrees in enology, viticulture, or health aspects of wine. Applicants must be North American citizens or permanent residents (i.e., the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, and West Indies Islands) and enrolled in a college or university orignal-research program leading to an MS or PhD degree.  Applications must be fully completed and submitted by March 31 of each calendar year to be eligible for a scholarship award beginning in the fall term of the following academic year.  Scholarship materials may be found on this site at the Application page.


The AWSEF's mission is to support educational and research activities that will advance the viticultural and enological sciences to support a world-class North American wine industry. Specifically, the AWSEF plans to achieve its mission by providing academic scholarships and research grants to graduate students based on academic excellence and genuine interest in pursuing careers in wine-related fields.


The AWSEF was conceived in 1993 from within the American Wine Society (AWS). AWSEF is related to, but operates separately from, the AWS. Members of the AWS are automatically also become members of the AWSEF.  For complete information on the AWS, please visit their web site at: www.AmericanWineSociety.org