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2024 Scholarship Applications.

The scholarship application period for 2024 is now CLOSED.
Thank you to all the applicants.


Application Overview

The American Wine Society Educational Foundation (AWSEF) annually awards academic scholarships to support students pursuing an academic program in enology, viticulture, and concerning business or health aspects of wine.

Eligibility (Please read carefully:  all requirements must be met)

1. Must be a full-time graduate student  

who has completed at least one semester in a graduate program leading to a M.S., Ph.D., or equivalent in enology, viticulture, business or health aspects of wine, as stated above, and who expresses their intent to work in one of these areas upon completion of their graduate degree. Ph.D. students with a M.S. from another graduate program are eligible.

2. must be a North American citizen or permanent resident

(i.e., U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, and West Indies Islands, etc.) citizen or permanent resident, who is already enrolled for their degree in a North American institution of higher learning.

        3.  There is a two (2) scholarship limit

Previous AWSEF scholarship recipients with updates to their ongoing research or who are working on another degree may apply for a second scholarship and will be in open competition with new applicants.  There is a two scholarship limit for any student during their acdemic career.

4.  March 31 deadline 

The deadline for completion of the application, submission of all transcripts and all professor and professional recommendations is midnight of March 31.

Instructions on Submitting Applications

The application has three parts:  the student application form, most recent academic transcripts (MS or Doctoral only, no undergraduate transcripts required UNLESS YOU ARE A FIRST YEAR MS or DOCTORAL STUDENT), and three letters of recommendation.


  1. STUDENTS: Log on to the AWSEF website (, go to the Application tab, and click “Register” to create an account – if you applied last year, your account information has not changed. Registration requires a username and a password.  If you do not remember your username and/or password, contact Isabelle Lesschaeve at  Once your account is created, you will find an online form to be completed with instructions as to how to submit the application. Notification emails are sent to you once  your application has been received and upon completion of the application.
  2. RECOMMENDERS: Log on to the AWSEF website to create an account or use the same login information as last year (see above student directions). You will need to have the student’s email address to submit each recommendation (the same email address that the student used to create their account; please get this from the student before creating an account). Once the account is created, you will find an online recommendation form with submission instructions that is used for the students for whom you are providing a recommendation.  Notification emails are sent to recommenders that your material has been received.  Previous recommenders have found it very helpful to have typed their recommendation prior to logging onto the AWSEF website then simply copying it into the form.
  3. TRANSCRIPTS: Each student must arrange with the university Registrar’s Office (or other office that handles transcripts) to have their official academic transcripts sent directly to the student to upload to their application account.  We prefer transcripts in a .pdf format, if possible.

If you have any questions on these procedures, please contact Isabelle Lesschaeve at for further assistance.

* The AWSEF does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or gender.
* The decisions of the Scholarship Committee will be final.