Our 2017 Annual Award of Merit winner is...

Columbus Ohio AWS Chapter

Columbus, Ohio Chapter Members receive 2017 Award of Merit at Conference

Our 2017 Annual Fruit Wine Award Winner is...

 Marion L. Krauss


In fond memory of...

In 2016, the AWSEF was pleased to award masters student, Brycen Hill of Virginia Tech, with the East Tennessee/Smoky Mountains AWS Chapter Scholarship in Fond Memory of our Former Members Who Now Belong to the Chapter Eternal.  Those members of the East Tennessee/Smoky Mountains AWS Chapter in whose memory the scholarship was awarded are Catherine Heilman, Vivian Cranfill, Anthony (Tony) Marra, Judy Kryter, Paul Hoffmeier, John Hoover, and John Million.  Our sincere gratitude to the East Tennessee/Smoky Mountains AWS Chapter for so generously  supporting the AWS Educational Foundation.

A certificate of recognition from the AWSEF has been presented to the family of each honoree.

Annual Award of Merit

Terry and Patricia Green, of Buckingham, Pennsylvania, receiving the 2016 Award of Merit at the annual conference in Costa Mesa, CA.

Fundraiser Dinner for AWSEF

N-Alabama Chapter AWSEF fundraiser dinner and auction.

Charitable Giving Options

Anytime of year, especially at year end, there are personal income tax planning issues that can be considered. Among these is the opportunity to gift appreciated assets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate) to qualifying organizations, such as the American Wine Society Educational Foundation. Such gifts are normally tax deductible to the donor at full market value.

The AWSEF has three fund types established to support both operation of the Board of Trustees and to provide scholarships. These funds are the General Fund that supports Board operation; the Endowment Fund that provides Foundation scholarships into perpetuity; and Special Scholarship Funds that bear the name of an individual, group or corporation.

As a tax-qualified 501(c)(3) organization the AWSEF can accept charitable gifts. Contributions should be tax deductible but to be sure please check with a tax advisor.  The 2018 Donor Contribution form is here.

The AWSEF requests that those who are considering year-end charitable gifts remember AWSEF in their planning. Please contact your personal financial advisor or one of the AWSEF Trustees named below for additional information.


Raise Donations as a Chapter

It's always more fun to raise a glass while raising money for a good cause and any amount helps! Check out our "Chapter Fundraising Ideas" for fun, easy ways to enjoy doing what you love while supporting a good cause. Does your chapter already have a great way to raise funds for the AWSEF?  Tell us about it at vpscholarships@awsef.org. The AWSEF would love to feature your chapters fundraising event in our "News" section and share your great ideas!


AWSEF Award of Merit

The criterion for this award is a consistent record of valuable service to the American Wine Society Educational Foundation (AWSEF).  Candidates for this award may be those who have distinguished themselves through consistent and significant contributions (either personal or through organizations such as American Wine Society (AWS) chapters and regions) to AWSEF, or participation as a Trustee, or both.

 Alternatively, contributions may include substantial and meritorious achievement in at least one phase of wine education, such as viticulture, enology, education, marketing or journalism.  For each nominee, consideration should be given to his (her) actual accomplishments in comparison with others in the same field, and their impact on improving the quality of wine through educational efforts.  Consideration may be given to the sum total of the accomplishments over a period of time.  A sensational achievement in one or two years may be outweighed by a long sustained record of valuable service with widespread impact. 

Award of Merit Recipients:


2017 - Columbus, Ohio AWS Chapter

2016 - Patricia and Terry Green

2015 - Eileen M. Tobias

2014 - Richard A. Marsden

2013 – Sharron McCarthy [on behalf of the Mariani Family & the Banfi Vintner’s Foundation]

2012 – Joyce Vecchiolli

2011 - Alcide L. Porrell

Fruit Wine Award

The fruit wine award recognizes both the American Wine Society (AWS) winner and our own Les Sperling, who during his distinguished AWS/AWSEF membership has won countless Best of Show Amateur Fruit Wine awards and was a charter member of the AWSEF. This award is unique to AWSEF and is designed to highlight the Foundation’s citizenship in the greater AWS community.

2017 - Marion L. Krauss

2016 - Robert P. Szaro

2015 - Dean Dietrick

2014 - Terry Britton  



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