2017 Scholarship Recipients

The AWSEF’s mission is to support education and research activities that will advance the North American wine industry.  The following students have shown the AWSEF Board they are outstanding examples of young scientists working towards this goal.  Please join us in congratulating…

  • Elizabeth Burzynski, a Ph.D. candidate with Cornell University was awarded the Columbus Ohio Scholarship – In Appreciation of the strength and vitality of the Columbus Chapter;
  • From Washington State University, Ph.D. candidate Katherine East, has been awarded the Lehigh Valley Chapter Scholarship;
  • The Carroll County, MD Scholarship – In honor of Becky and Dean Wilson was awarded to Jaclyn Fiola, a Ph.D. Candidate at Ohio State University;
  • From University of California-Davis, Jerry Lin, Masters candidate, is the recipient of the North Alabama Chapter Scholarship;
  • Sydney Morgan, Ph.D. candidate at University of British Columbia, has been awarded the South Carolina/Tuller Chapter Scholarship – In memory of Bill Tuller and Hal Kohn;
  • For a second year, Ph.D. candidate, Maria Smith, from Pennsylvania State University has been awarded a scholarship.  Her 2017 scholarship is the Electric City / Joe Nardelli Scholarship; and
  • Jake Uretsky, a Ph.D. candidate at University of California-Davis, has been awarded the Banfi / AWSEF Scholarship.

Please click here to see photos of these outstanding students with brief outlines of their graduate study research and projects.